Our diamonds

White diamond

The D, E, F diamonds created by Diam Concept
do not undergo high pressure, high temperature post-treatment.
They are certified as-grown, synonymous with a controlled French origin, as well as the highest quality, smallest impact,
and best possible traceability.

Coloured diamonds

The shades and intensities of our diamonds’ colours is an invitation to the creativity of jewellers.
Diam Concept creates lab-grown diamonds in champagne, cognac, green, blue, pink, yellow, orange and red, which are very rare in Nature, by taking inspiration from the physical and chemical phenomena
occurring in the earth’s mantle.


The 4Cs

Above the carat, our diamond are certified by an internationally recognised gemmology laboratory. For the smallest stones, we provide a Diam Concept certificate attesting to the veracity and quality of the diamond.

Discover the 4Cs