creator of


Vendôme’s next generation” diamonds
for ethical jewellery

A French creation of exceptional diamonds,
white and coloured, eco-friendly and traced.

The diamond of the future
which embodies our values:
innovation, passion, audacity,
excellence and responsibility.


State-of-the-art technology:
plasma CVD

We design our plasma CVD reactors to grow diamonds of the highest quality.

Our method involves creating a plasma from hydrogen and methane gases within a microwave resonant cavity. This is where the key elements for diamond growth, namely hydrogen atoms and carbon-containing radicals, are formed. These plasmas are ionised gases composed of electrons, ions and electronically excited elements producing colours akin to that of the Northern Lights.



Lab-grown diamonds are exactly identical to diamonds from mines, only differing by their origin. They grow as fast as mined diamonds and are extracted from their growth medium in an infinitely shorter time. Like all diamonds, their crystal structure is solely composed of perfectly organised carbon atoms.

Diam Concept grows diamonds using plasmas reproducing processes at work in the universe.

About us

Unique plasma
reactors and grown
process, protected
by 3 patents

Made in France,
home of luxury

High production capability
with over 60 gems per batch
versus 10 for commercial reactors

The French
diamond factory

Diam Concept was created in May 2016 by Alix Gicquel. Internationally recognised for having created in France, in 1990, the first research team studying “diamond growth by plasma”; she has since published more than 170 scientific articles and 8 patents.

Diam Concept designs plasma reactors, studies them and controls the growth of diamonds.

Diam Concept is aimed at high jewellery and cutting-edge technologies.


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